3D Etiketten finden ihre Anwendung auch im Gesundheitswesen

Linet, Hersteller der Gesundheitsbetten

3D Etiketten können in verschiedenen Formen und Größen hergestellt werden

Partners, Broker-Gesellschaft

3D Etiketten haften auf allen glatten Flächen

Wellensteyn, Winterkleidung-Hersteller

3D Etiketten heben präzise Qualität und Design ab

Stipll, Fenster-Hersteller

3D Etiketten sind 100% Wetterbeständig

Intersport, Skiverleih

3D LABELS With Foam Tape

Coverage of stickers’ surface by clear polyurethane resin causes 3D effect, brightening of colours, highlighting of shape and finally the protection against mechanical damage. In contrast, foam tape helps to ease the application onto very difficult to bond materials (ABS, powder paint, textured background, polypropylene and other) including the concave and convex surfaces.

Domed labels with double adhesive tape find their place in industrial equipment and products, where conventional labels are not enough and where the emphasis is on the eminence of detail and precision of processing products and machinery.


  • white
  • transparent shiny gold
  • high-gloss silver
  • matt silver
  • brushed aluminium
  • TRANSFER foil
  • reflective foil
  • and more …
  • CMYK
  • Pantone
  • RAL
  • HKS
  • On sheets
  • Individually wrapped in a bag
  • In set
  • As you wish


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