3D labels are also successfully used in health care

Linet – health beds

3D labels can be produced in various shapes and sizes

Partners - brokerage company

3D labels have excellent adhesion to all smooth surfaces

Wellensteyn - clothing manufacturer

3D labels can excel precision processing

Stipll - windows manufacturer

3D labels withstand extreme weather conditions

Intersport - ski rental

Výrobce profesionálního nářadí

Eibenstock, kvalitní nástroje pro každého.

Doming of Supplied Stickers

  • Print stickers on a sheet of self-adhesive PVC foil in maximum size 340x400 mm (Prior to printing we recommend consulting our experts)
  • Stickers must be pre-cut (so called „kisscut“)with separated residual material, minimum radius at the corners of 3D labels (external and internal) is 0.5 mm
  • Observe edges of 2 cm on each side of the sheet because of possible sheet handling in production
  • On the print sheet (roll) must be labels of the same shape and dimension aligned in the line both horizontally and vertically. The maximum number of lines is 16 stickers with minimal gaps 3 mm between stickers
  • Send all sheets of the same size, without creasing, not rolled up and with cardboard in between sheets. Delivery time will be shorter and any complaints will be avoided


  • On sheets
  • Individually wrapped in a bag
  • In set
  • As you wish



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