3D labels are also successfully used in health care

Linet – health beds

3D labels can be produced in various shapes and sizes

Partners - brokerage company

3D labels have excellent adhesion to all smooth surfaces

Wellensteyn - clothing manufacturer

3D labels can excel precision processing

Stipll - windows manufacturer

3D labels withstand extreme weather conditions

Intersport - ski rental

Výrobce profesionálního nářadí

Eibenstock, kvalitní nástroje pro každého.

3D Etikety


3D plastic labels are a quick, easy and effective way to present your products. A large number of our very successful business partners are the proof of that. 3D labels covered with polyurethane resin will give your products an entirely new dimension. Texts, logos, type designation or pictograms resist fading and mechanical damage thanks to UV filter. Very easy to clean. Have a great adhesion on all types of smooth materials, and can be produced in various shapes and sizes.

A wide range of self-adhesive foils are used to print three-dimensional labels.Thanks to high-quality digital, UV digital printing or screen printing they are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and maintain lasting plasticity.




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